Recovery of A Lifetime

Book Trailer & Summary

A Son’s Super Bowl Onside Kick
Recovery Leads to a Father’s Recovery

Mike Reis grew up the son of a boozing father and a teenage mother. Sexually abused and terrorized by his grandmother, Mike discovered sex at an early age and numbed his emotional pain with alcohol. An early marriage to a high school sweetheart and the subsequent birth of two sons failed to tame his desire for extramarital trysts and all-night drinking escapades. An affair led to the destruction of his first marriage and left two preschool-aged sons without a father in the home.

The younger son was Chris Reis, a two-year-old who didn’t understand why his father had abandoned him. The distance between father and son remained a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon during the boy’s younger years.

In high school, Chris turned to God for direction and guidance. He went on to play football at Georgia Tech where he became active in his faith. Against all odds, Chis won a spot on the New Orleans Saints roster where he later recovered the famous “Ambush” onside kick that propelled the Saints to an unlikely victory in Super Bowl XLIV in early 2010.

But there was one more recovery that needed to be made in Chris’ family—his father’s recovery from a lifelong addiction to sex and alcohol.

Recovery of a Lifetime is their compelling father-and-son story, and you won’t be able to put this book down.